The demand for healthy food has risen sharply in Switzerland in recent years. The subject of physical and mental health is commonly discussed and we are more aware than ever before of how we should nurture our bodies and minds. Fresh food makes us healthier because it contains valuable nutrients and important building blocks that give us energy.
However, it is not always easy to have a healthy diet when we are busy coping with the stresses and strains of daily life. There aren't many of us who have time to prepare fresh salads or colourful protein bowls every day.
Consequently, many HR departments and managers have started to consider how they can accommodate this growing interest in health and nutrition in the workplace. According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, over 40% of Swiss people complain that they do not have appropriate catering facilities at work. It has been proven that a balanced and healthy diet at work leads to greater employee satisfaction and improved performance.


FELFEL has developed an intelligent refrigerator so that Swiss companies with 25 or more employees can provide their staff with healthy and uncomplicated on-site catering.

How the FELFEL solution works

FELFEL is a one-stop solution – all your company needs to provide is one power socket and about 1 square metre of space for the refrigerator and we take care of the rest!
The fridge is filled with fresh, natural and home-made food each day, all lovingly prepared by our local partner chefs. The FELFEL service includes a range of well-balanced hot and cold lunch menus as well as sandwiches, salads, healthy snacks and drinks. It’s the simple and cost-effective way to provide your staff with high-quality food. In fact, they will think they are eating in their favourite restaurant!



 ... to suit all tastes. We don't all view the idea of healthy eating in the same way. This is why choice is an important part of the FELFEL solution and why we offer such a diverse range of lunch and snack options.

It is difficult for one chef to cater to everyone’s individual tastes and preferences. Working with a number of partner chefs allows us to offer a much wider choice, which attracts a considerably higher number of employees than a typical canteen.

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and this is never truer than when it comes to food and nutrition. FELFEL embraces the glorious variety of international cuisine with our wide range of dishes inspired by Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian and traditional Swiss dishes. The varied and delicious dishes created by our partner chefs are guaranteed to get your staff’s taste buds tingling.

The menus change every week and cater to every taste and budget. They always include a range of substantial meals including meat or fish, as well as a choice of vegetarian and vegan options. And what’s more... there’s never a long queue! Quick cashless payment and you have a tasty meal in front of you within seconds. This gives employees more time to enjoy their lunch break in peace and to recharge their batteries for the rest of the day.


A varied and well-balanced diet is essential for good health. It is important to consume a variety of foods to avoid problems caused by nutrient deficiencies. This ensures we remain healthy and on top form.

 FELFEL menus are only made from pure, natural ingredients that are always clearly listed. On top of that, all our products and their nutritional values can be consulted on the MY.FELFEL app. FELFEL offers varied and well-balanced food to suit all tastes. Our dishes are freshly prepared by hand. They are made from natural, unprocessed and highly nutritious ingredients that help to ensure optimum health. Our food never includes artificial additives and highly processed foods are always off the menu because they usually contain hidden calories.


Eating together creates a sense of togetherness, enhances your organisation’s corporate culture and can even improve emotional well-being. Studies have shown that employees are significantly happier and work more effectively as a team when they eat lunch together.

FELFEL brings people together – whether during a short snack break or at lunchtime. Companies who already use FELFEL have told us that their staff now eat together more often and have more time to unwind and discuss team events and activities.

Would you and your team like to eat together more often, but does everyone find it difficult to agree where to go for lunch? With FELFEL, eating together has never been easier.


Healthy snack breaks are essential if you want to get through the day feeling well-balanced and full of energy. Keeping your body fuelled throughout the day also prevents you from getting ravenously hungry.

When snack o’clock strikes, FELFEL is there to provide a wide variety of sensibly-sized snacks that are a healthy alternative to the standard sugary options. Our snacks help combat hunger pangs and provide a boost of energy that increases productivity and motivation. The FELFEL fridge also contains a few tasty treats – because a little of what you like, in moderation, does you good! ;)

We also provide various nut mixes, which are packed in portions, as well as a variety of organic protein bars and chocolate supplied by a specially selected family-run chocolatier in Geneva. Our beef bites are also another favourite savoury snack option.


Here at FELFEL, we care about protecting our precious planet. This is why we make sure that our ingredients are locally sourced in Switzerland and are seasonal whenever possible.

Our trusted partner chefs are also all from Switzerland, among them caterers Paul & Lulu, a small alpine dairy on the Splügen Pass and a high-quality butcher from Zurich.

Our menus are cooked fresh every day to guarantee quality and protect the environment. This means a fresh lunch is always on the menu – guaranteed!


We believe that lunch should always taste good. And it’s even better if it is beautifully presented too.

Gesunde Mitarbeiterverpflegung mit FELFEL.
Gesunde Mitarbeiterverpflegung mit FELFEL.
Gesunde Mitarbeiterverpflegung mit FELFEL.

FELFEL lunch menus are prepared by family businesses and small businesses in Switzerland.  All our partner chefs share our food philosophy and put their hearts and souls into preparing your lunch each and every day.


FELFEL has developed the most affordable way for companies and organisations of all kinds to offer healthy and ultra-fresh catering.

Cafeterias are very expensive to set up and run. With FELFEL, you only need to pay a monthly service charge. Employees can enjoy a delicious breakfast from CHF 1.50 and every day there is a choice of more than ten different lunch dishes ranging from CHF 7.00 to CHF 12.00.

Are you looking for a great way to bring your staff together using the power of fresh and healthy food? Book a free tasting session now at