Sustainable nutrition in the workplace

Sustainability is a core company value at FELFEL. We love our planet and try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. In order to be able to take sustainability into account as comprehensively as possible, we focus on the three dimensions of economy, society & health, and ecology.

la durabilité économique chez FELFEL.


We rely on small, Swiss producers, for whom it is difficult to generate sales compared to large industrial companies.


We focus on food that is classified as 'healthy' as well as on fair wages and long-term partnerships.


It is important to us that further generations find an intact nature. We are therefore committed to protecting the ecological system.

Support of small and local businesses as well as Swiss family producers

For us, acting sustainably also means that we work exclusively with small, local family businesses and thus support the best products from the region. Our fresh dishes are produced in Switzerland and in addition, the meat and many other ingredients come from Switzerland.


The proud Italian

The Story

FELFEL and Giovanni - a real Italian family story. We met Giovanni just as he founded his company: together with his wife, Giovanni cooked homemade pasta for us - and we were blown away. Since those days the small Sicilian family business has not only added a few employees to their clan, but also three bambini.



The Story

Our friends from Nagomi are also our neighbours in Zurich's Binz district. The avowed Japan fans bring the japanese food culture to Switzerland with fresh, tasty dishes. Konichiwa!


From bean to bar



The top chefs in white

The Story

"Paul & Lulu" - FELFEL's first chefs are responsible for our innovative creations. The chefs behind this range are Franz and Oli, the fathers of Paul and Lulu. Only the best cooks are allowed in their kitchen, and they rarely let anyone interfere - they know exactly what they're doing. We are proud to be able to work with them.


The pioneers of Swiss sourdough

The Story

Martin von Vuaillat has helped sourdough bread achieve real cult status in Switzerland. His bread made from natural ingredients are a big favourite. In his small bakery in Uster, Martin also likes to welcome his guests personally.


The cheesemaker from Tösstal

The Story

The Saaländer: people from the Saland region who have set themselves the goal of selling their farmers' milk. Easiest way to do it? Create the best yoghurts and muesli! Our personal favourite: the hazelnut yoghurt!


The best yoghurts from the Splügen Pass

The Story

For those of you who are not in a hurry on their way to the south, we recommend the route over the Splügen Pass, where one of our favourite dairies is located. Marian and Jürg happily welcome guests with a coffee - unless they're in the midst or producing some yoghurts for us - in that case The lids are designed by their daughter Katja - a true family business.


The cosy restaurant above Vals

The Story

"Ins Ganni - da gani" is the motto of Anke and Peter, who run the small mountain restaurant with 12 seats in Vals. With their Grisons recipes, our partner chefs cook hearty Swiss dishes for FELFEL.

Pastificio di Bellinzona

Homemade pasta from Ticino


The traditional bakers from Valais


The meat and cheese specialists from Gruyère


The chalet restaurant in Château-d‘Oex

The Story
"Pierre-François is part of the family", as the people of Château-d'Oex like to say. With their Vaudois specialities, our partner Le Chalet create tasty, typical Vaudois dishes for FELFEL.


The start up between friends in Lausanne

The Story

Romain and Arnaud living their dream: developing high-quality drinks in Lausanne with 100% organic and natural ingredients, in a start-up atmosphere. Their Urban Kombucha is undoubtedly one of our FELFELians' favourite drinks.


Yoghurts with mountain milk from Gruyère

The Story

Laurent's family works with more than 12 local milk producers to make yoghurts that tastes like home! Every day, he and his team produce high-quality dairy products according to the strict traditions of the Gruyère region.



We offer a balanced diet that is based on the Swiss food pyramid. The FELFEL dishes are therefore made with purely natural foods that are clearly declared. We also ensure that the dishes are handmade and fresh. Artificial additives and highly processed foods often have hidden calories and are therefore taboo for us.

Healthy employees with FELFEL

FELFEL partnership with Schweizer Tafel

Schweizer Tafel partnership

As enthusiastic food fans, we’re very much against wasting and throwing away food. That's why we work together with Schweizer Tafel and donate leftovers from the FELFEL vending machines to them. This way, we can not only minimize food waste, but also support people in challenging situations with hearty and healthy food.

Free recycling

Conserving resources and avoiding unnecessary waste is very important to us at FELFEL. To keep our menus fresh and protected, they are carefully packaged in PP containers that are 100% recyclable. For this purpose, we provide each company with a recycling bin, empty it regularly and take the packaging to Swiss recycling partners in a climate-friendly manner using our biogas car. PET bottles can be disposed of via normal PET recycling.

Free recycling with FELFEL


Our coffee is a matter of the heart. That's why, as with FELFEL, we’re guided by the three dimensions of sustainability: From organic farming, to porcelain cups and no aluminum capsules: Learn more about sustainability at Gavetti.

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