FELFEL brings good food to your office.

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Good, fresh and natural food at work.

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Your FELFEL badge is the key that unlocks our intelligent fridges. It is also what you use to pay with. Simply register a credit card on your MY.FELFEL.CH account.


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Eat what you want, all day long. Be it a healthy, cold-pressed juice or our hearty Irish beef stew – our food scouts curate a new and balanced menu every single week.

FELFEL Account

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Our current menu and helpful information such as nutritional values can be easily found on your MY.FELFEL.CH account. Your account also gives you a live overview of what's in your FELFEL.

Explore the FELFEL

Our food scouts discover the best chefs and most intriguing recipes.
Recipe development in the FELFEL test kitchen

We refine all of the recipes in our very own test kitchen - and we do it with great passion. At FELFEL, deliciousness comes first.
Our partner chefs are carefully selected family businesses

Our chefs always craft our food with love and great attention to detail. Whenever possible, our ingredients are fresh, natural, local and seasonal – and come with a surprising twist, from time to time.
The production at a FELFEL's partner chef kitchen