Healthy food at Work in Switzerland

Demand in the health area – especially healthy diets – rose sharply in Switzerland and does not stop at the office door. A healthy lunch at work does not only improve performance but makes you more satisfied and more resistant to stress.


Over 30% of Swiss are overweight, which can affect their performance and long-term health. This is why the food you eat at work can have a big impact. According to the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), over 40% of Swiss would like to have more affordable options for healthy food at work.


Some tips for promoting health in the workplace:


Do not eat alone in the office


Many employees take their lunch alone or even “al desko” (at their desks, in front of the computer). Besides the unsavory fact that you can cover your desk with crumbs, eating alone can not only make you fat, but also reduce your sense of well-being at work. A study by the New York Times shows that, eating in front of the computer leads to an increased consumption of unhealthy calories when eating with colleagues encourages movement and improves the mindset. Studies have shown that employees are much happier and more collaborative when they lunch together.


Avoid sugary snacks in the office and fill your drawers with healthy alternatives.

No, you do not have to make a cross on the chocolate cake when a team member has a birthday. Conscious treats may be allowed here and there. We are talking here about over-saturated, manufactured products usually wrapped in electrically welded plastic that are even available in some offices for free.


Prepare the next snack in the office with healthier alternatives: natural nuts, fresh fruit, avocado, crispy bread and dried meat are delicious and promote good health.

Pili nuts

More veggies = healthy Lunch


Studies have shown that a healthy diet is important for office productivity. It is only when the body receives regular nutrients such as complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, that the performance curve remains high, as explain FELFEL nutritionists.


At least three servings of vegetables daily should be part of your diet. Whether for weight loss or health, vegetables are an essential food. They are low in calories but contain many vitamins and minerals and, thanks to the fiber they contain, allow you to be sate longer. In addition, vegetables have an ideal nutrient / energy ratio. No time to eat enough vegetables? Cold-pressed vegetable juice can help.


Variety of foods to make meals at the office healthier


The fact that a balanced diet promotes good health is not new. But making the right choices in daily life is often not easy. Many people quickly fall in rituals and so, every day, eat the same bread rolls from the bakery or salad from the salad bar. It would be better to offer your colleagues an option known for its delicious and healthy food.


Replace industrial snacks – real sugar bombs – by more natural snacks


Too much sugar will not have the sole effect of making you fat, it will also harm your health. As we consume more and more, doctors are sounding the alarm and agree that excessive sugar consumption should be avoided. Sugar boosts the brain, and many believe that a candy bar makes clearer ideas but the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends not exceed 10% of the original sweet calories per day. Ideally, only 5%, or 25 grams should be the limit.

Fruits at work made easy


Instead of chocolate bars from the vending machine, our nutritionist recommends choosing healthier alternatives: agave syrup as a sweetener for example. In particular, the classic soda drinks from the leading manufacturers usually contain a lot of sugar in addition to synthetic additives. Drink unsweetened tea or use low-calorie products. Be careful here about artificial sweeteners – the most commonly used ingredients are still making you fat and are suspected carcinogens.


A food as fresh as possible at the office


Science is not quite sure of the long-term consequences of a diet with many synthetic additives for health. Wherever possible, we recommend not to use chemically processed substances, particularly critical substances such as glutamate or dyes. A tip here: if you cannot pronounce it, do not eat it.


Generally, local products are more natural, and fresh foods with a shelf life of less than five days usually contain little or no preservatives.


Simple in theory and difficult in practice? Not with a FELFEL fridge! Book a free tasting now using the form above and discover FELFEL and its healthy and fresh food.