The best employers in Switzerland: with an intelligent fridge

Every year, Great Place to Work recognizes employers that enable a good working atmosphere, create fair working conditions, and an environment where employees enjoy working.


The organization “Great Place to Work Switzerland” recently published the ranking of this year’s winners. Leaders are well known IT and pharmaceutical companies. Here are some tips that could help you make your company one of the most attractive employers in Switzerland.

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There is probably no step-by-step manual – similar to those found for IKEA furniture – to make it to the list of the best employers, but here are some ideas based on our experience with some of the best employers in Switzerland.


Employees are aligned with the company’s vision


Offering products to customers in which they believe and that they can influence strongly increases the engagement of employees. It strengthens the bonds within the team and creates a sense of belonging while establishing a strong working culture. The most attractive employers in Switzerland strongly believe in participative environments and encourage their employees to contribute to the vision.


Set clear goals


It is only with clearly formulated goals and a common understanding of what “success” is that you can give your employees the freedom to succeed in the way that suits them best. A feedback culture with regular sessions of exchange and feedback is also one of the strengths of the winners of the ranking “Great Place to Work” 2017


Establish dedicated time slots for focus work


In a time where distractions are constant, it is crucial to create moments of concentration for everyone to work on their personal projects, whether long-term projects or creative. At FELFEL, for example, we have established a model where the mornings (until 12 am) are dedicated to focus time: no conversations or interruption by the other teams, except for emergencies.


Create your workspace purposefully


An office made of different spaces where employees can work in a team, share information with another colleague or just relax promotes a good atmosphere at work. A space where employees can eat together will as well contribute to this. Sharing a meal with colleagues strengthens ties, improves the mood at the office and is generally highly appreciated by employees.


Offer healthy and fresh food at affordable prices


A significant number of companies ranked in the “Great Place to Work” listing are rewarded for their catering offer for employees. Our workplace is where we take more meals in the week, and a fresh and healthy food contributes greatly to productivity and motivation.


FELFEL’s main mission is to make employers and employees happier at work by providing them with good food. Our vision is that companies in Switzerland should no longer offer mediocre food to their employees.


The intelligent FELFEL fridge, dressed in Burmese teak wood makes this possible. With food “like at your favorite restaurant” but much cheaper: breakfast from 8 CHF and snacks from 1.50 francs. Each week, the twenty ultra-fresh dishes change. They are cooked by top local chefs in Switzerland and delivered daily. Whether this is an authentic “Bangladeshi Curry” or hearty “Swiss Spätzli”, everyone finds something to their taste in the FELFEL fridge.


FELFEL is a full service, the employer pays a fixed monthly service fee and FELFEL takes care of everything: set up of the fridge, maintenance, delivery, and cleaning. The only thing needed for FELFEL is a power outlet.


Employees can use their badges to buy food and conveniently pay with the credit card they associated with their online account at MY.FELFEL.CH


Thanks to its intelligent technology, FELFEL creates enables all businesses – more particularly those with 25 to 500 employees – to offer an attractive food option on their premises. More than 300 companies, including some of the laureates of the “Great Place to Work”, are already our customers such as Edelweiss AbbVie or Doppelleu.


Don’t wait any longer: Book a free tasting lunch now using the form above and discover FELFEL and its healthy and fresh food.