Good food at work made easy

Food at work has not been in the middle of attention until now for senior management in Switzerland. A missed chance it seems given that good food can significantly increase happiness at work and with it comes a healty increase in productivity!


What to keep in mind when offering food in your office? The challenges typically are that a box of chocolates or apples often don’t do it for a significant percentage of your employees. And offering more choices comes with administrative burden and complexity. Finally, the ‘snacks’ available are often not preferable options given their nutritional characteristics. What should be offered in an office that cares about their employees?


Fresh vegetables


Whether you pay attention to your diet or not, vegetables are the essence of a wholesome, nutritious diet. General guidelines say that a healthy diet contains of at least three different servings of vegetables a day – the more colorful, the better. The green leafy vegetables in particular have a lot of fiber which are used to absorb the nutrients optimally.


Why are vegetables healthy? When fresh, they contain many vitamins and minerals that are important to nurture our body, provide energy and making us feel satisfied. Many vegetabels are also an important source of water, particularly in the office where employees typically don’t drink enough water per day.


Tip: No time to eat vegetables? A cold-pressed vegetable juice can help – make sure it’s not pasteurized so all the nutrients are still ‘alive’.




Like vegetables, fruits contain many vitamins and vital substances. due to the higher sugar content, it’s recommended to get one or two servings a day, preferably whole fruits not juices which in many cases contain a significant amount of fruit sugar versus nutrients.



Tip: The fruits are ideal if you need a quick energy kick.

Fruits at work made easy

Complex Carbohydrates


As mentioned above, in its simplest form, sugar causes a rapid increase in our sugar levels in the blood. In return this provokes our stomach to feel hungry. What helps is to focus on “complex carbohydrates”. These are absorbed slower by the body which helps to stay satisfied longer and reduces the energy for digestion making sure you are not falling into a ‘food coma’ after lunch. The products based on whole grains, quinoa, beans and sweet potatoes, in particular, are major distributors of carbohydrates and are available in Switzerland.


Tip: If you need carbs “fast”, try to supplement with a protein source it will create a similar effect and is more sustainable.




Proteins are among the most important building blocks of our body. They help us to renew and regenerate our cells and are directly responsible for building muscle. Their complex composition will also slow digestion and delay hunger. Meat, fish and dairy products are among the most effective sources of protein. Tofu, beans, especially black beans, and almonds are recommended by food experts. For animal protein sources, it’s worth promoting Swiss producers as they are attentive to the welfare of animals and the meat does not contain hormones typically.


Tip: For meat focus on local product options: they are typically hormone-free, fresher and more sustainable for the environment. For snacks we recommend almonds because they are tasty and contain valuable nutrients.


Exceptions are a must, particularly if they offer something for the heart!

Pili nuts

Indulging is good for the soul and needs to be possible form time to time! So yes, let’s have the option to eat this little chocolate evey now and then. Ideally, it’s free of chemical ingredients and as fresh as possible. Voilà!


Tip 1: If you feel hungry, first drink a glass of water, because we often confuse hunger and thirst.


Tip 2: If there are healthy alternatives readily available, your privilege easier. Keep in mind to always have healthy food available at your work.

If all this is pretty simple theory, a FELFEL fridge can help you reach your goals, by providing, delicious and healthy food to your office. On the spot and 24/24.



Book your tasting now. Invite up to 10 people, ideally the decision maker and some critical eaters. Reserve a meeting room for us & we take care of the rest!


Easy to use for employees, hassle-free for companies


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Your FELFEL badge is the key that unlocks our intelligent fridges. It is also what you use to pay with. Simply register a credit card on your MyFELFEL account.


Eat what you want, all day long. Be it a leafy green salad, a mini-salad together with a sandwich or a rich, indulging pasta salads – our food scouts curate a new and balanced menu every single week.


Our current menu and helpful information such as nutritional values can be easily found on your MyFELFEL account. Your account also allows you to track your daily calories.

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