Greetings from Patou!

A long time ago, we traveled around the world to find the best soups…
The delicious taste in Patou’s kitchen, the dedication to perfection and fine exotic ingredients convinced us.
Our Nusa Soups until today contain the ‘secret’ spice mix of Patou’s family in Singapore (of course produced freshly in Switzerland every day 😉 ).




Patou’s roots are in Singapore. Ever since she had her first lunch in school she dreamed of opening her own soup restaurant.

Today, together with her team based in London, she runs the famous Nusa Soup Kitchen.

p.s. yes, you can go visit during your next trip 😉 !

Nusa Küchenteam



Inspired by the Singapore street food markets and soup kitchens, Patou has recreated flavors, smells, and textures in her kitchen.

At FELFEL, five different soups are available. This week, we present you one of our favorites: the Soto Ayam Chicken.

“Our century old family recipes are being used and loved…. That’s priceless.” Patou

Nusa Küche in London