The workplace after Corona - the end of offices? 

How Covid-19 is changing our working world  

How will we work after Corona?  One thing is certain: the pandemic has massively accelerated many developments and permanently changed our working habits. Probably the most decisive aspect of our new working reality: the abrupt end of compulsory attendance at the office.  

Flexible work, new challenges  

Suddenly we are no longer sitting in open-plan offices but at our kitchen table, in bedrooms and hobby basements. This also offers many advantages and allows us to handle our daily tasks more flexibly. Quickly hang up the laundry between two calls? No problem! Receive a parcel in person? Finally possible! But the physical distance also brings difficulties. How do we stay concentrated and productive when working from home? How do we avoid social isolation?

New forms of collaboration  

The new self-evidence of remote working does not mean, however, that offices will disappear in the future. On the contrary: many of us have only now become aware of the importance of a shared workplace. That is why the question today is rather what modern workplaces must offer so that individuals and teams can work productively, willingly meet for collaborations and feel comfortable and secure in doing so.

What employees want  

The answer: flexible co-working spaces with an attractive and versatile infrastructure that offers employees everything they need for creative exchange. In addition to technical amenities such as printers, high-speed internet and inspiring locations, this naturally also includes healthy, varied and Covid-compliant catering.

FELFEL - the secure and flexible solution 

Here FELFEL offers a simple, secure and affordable solution that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of companies.

  • With individually packaged meals and contactless payment, the food vending machine offers secure on-site catering 24/7 - without queuing.  

  • The "intelligent" FELFEL fridges are refilled to ensure a consistently diverse, fresh supply and avoid food waste.  

  • FELFEL also offers various attractive offers to motivate employees in their home offices, such as home delivery, birthday surprises or small culinary gifts.  

This is how the return to the office went at FELFEL 😉  

If we can help you to bring your employees back to the office with joy, please feel free to contact us!

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