With FELFEL every company with 5o employees or more can afford a canteen.

What they say about us:

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year – Daniela and Emanuel, FELFEL founders are in!

The countdown has started: on October 26, the results of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award will be known.
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Interview: The Intelligent Vending Machine

The FELFEL Founder, Emanuel Steiner, explains that ‘the most important is that the meal good is’ and that FELFEL can replace a canteen.

Zürichsee Zeitung, 15 February 2017

Complete article (in German)

FELFEL: the canteen replacement

FELFEL delivers offices with an intelligent fridge.

NZZ Stil, 29 May 2016

Complete article (in German)

FELFEL: The new definition of staff catering

A fridge full of technology and meals

NZZ, 26 October 2015

Complete Article (in German)