FELFEL brings Nenad Mlinarevic to over 500 offices 

FELFEL and Nenad Mlinarevic are collaborating: the holder of two Michelin stars as well as Chef of the Year 2016 is creating two dishes in June exclusively for the Zurich-based family business FELFEL, which uses its smart fridges to bring fresh dishes from snacks to main courses and desserts to over 500 companies throughout Switzerland. The collab kicks off with a refined pasta dish: rigatoni lined with olive powder, enhanced with fava beans, pistachios and aged Parmesan on a tomato sourdough sauce. The second creation will be unveiled in mid-June.

FELFEL aims to revolutionize how Switzerland eats at work. "Life is too short for mediocre food. Even at work." is the motto of FELFEL founder Emanuel Steiner. In collaboration with local partner chefs, the company creates fresh dishes that change weekly and are ultimately delivered to the intelligent fridges. Eating like in your favorite restaurant. From Ghackten mit Hörnli, Smoked Salmon Poke Bowl and Spinach Momos by Tenz to a Panna Cotta, everything is included. And now they are joined by two dishes from none other than Nenad Mlinarevic, one of Switzerland's most successful chefs, who is shaking up the Swiss gastro scene with his innovative ideas and redefining fine dining.

Food scouting to the highest standards

FELFEL's Food Scout team of five, are constantly on the look out for inspiration, the best chefs and tastiest recipes from all over Switzerland as well as the world's culinary capitals. This is how they came across Nenad Mlinarevic. His culinary achievements include being named GaultMilliau Chef of the Year 2016 and earning two Michelin stars, as well as cooking in some of the best restaurants in the world. A very impressive achievement, but the deciding factor for the cooperation was ultimately the way Nenad cooks. Just like the Food Scouts and chefs at FELFEL, he values high quality and experiments with products and trends - without allowing taste to take a back seat as the most important and central component.

To ensure that this is the case with all FELFEL delicacies, every single FELFEL dish is tasted and critically evaluated once a week by the founding family. Only then, it’s decided whether it will go into the FELFEL fridge or not. Emanuel is delighted about the cooperation: "We share the same values. That's why we're super excited about the collaboration." Nenad concurs: "Everything fits. And with FELFEL, I have the opportunity to tackle a new segment where I wasn't present before."

But a successful meal is about more than just the food: both Emanuel and Nenad are passionate about bringing people together around the table - whether it's during lunch at the office or at Nenad's restaurant Neue Taverne. Fond memories of growing up cooking and eating together, was crucial for both gastro pioneers to realize their vision and thus their careers. Stagnation is a foreign word for both of them: During the Corona-related lockdown, they reacted quickly to the changing consumer needs and each set up a home delivery service within a few days. And in doing so, continued to make great food possible for people at home.

About NENAD Mlinarevic 

Nenad Mlinarevic is one of the most successful Swiss chefs of a modern generation that completely reinterprets fine dining. Food should be fun, but always taste good: Not only does one share an entertaining evening, but also individual dishes, such as at the "Bauernschänke" in Zurich, which Mlinarevic runs with a partner. The GaultMillau "Chef of the Year 2016" with 18 points and 2 Michelin stars is now a broad-based culinary entrepreneur with a sense of good taste.

In addition to the "Bauernschänke", Nenad Mlinarevic runs the "Neue Taverne" in Zurich as a second answer to the question of what a modern pub should look like. In the "Neue Taverne", the focus is on vegetables, with only few single dishes consisting of meat or fish components.

All of his activities are based on the same principle which sounds simple but is demanding to implement: cooking is done with the best products, as simple as necessary, but as good as possible and above all: with passion!


FELFEL is revolutionising how Switzerland eats at work. Founded in 2014 by Zurich couple Emanuel and Daniela Steiner, the family-owned company now supplies over 500 companies throughout Switzerland with intelligent FELFEL fridges. This enables almost 100,000 employees to enjoy delicious, varied meals and snacks produced in-house and in cooperation with small family businesses.  

Driven by the vision of freeing offices from mediocre food and bringing people together during breaks, FELFEL AG today employs over 90 people at two locations in Zurich and Lausanne. The innovative company concept and the two founders have received various awards, including the Swiss Economic Forum Award (2016) and the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2018), and was awarded the label 'SEF. High Potential'. 


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