Healthy food at work in Switzerland

It’s not always easy to eat healthy during working hours: fresh food is in many cases just not available and too expensive. The easiest source of food? get some fast food from the take away next door. And what about the late night shifts? Ordering pizza might not just be the most convenient but typically the only option available.


We hear you!


The demand for healthy food at work has continuously increased over the past years. According to the Swiss bureau of statistics over 40% of Swiss workers complain that there are not enough sources of fresh, healthy food available at their work environment.

FELFEL was established to solve this problem.

Delicious, healthy food at the office all day long!

Sounds intriguing to you?


Here is why you need a FELFEL at your office:


Use your lunch breaks to eat and relax


Have you been in a situation where you spend your valuable hour looking for that perfect salad or protein bowl instead of relaxing and eating?


FELFEL offers the fastest way to enjoy healthy, fresh food: with your badge, you can select between over 25 ultra-fresh dishes from all around the world within seconds. Leaving you a lot of time to eat with your colleagues or relax on your own.


It also allows you to consume your food slowly which is said to have a positive effect on your health: Slow eating helps your our saturation feeling and supports the digestion of nutrients into your system easily. Hence, more energy during those working hours for you after lunch!


A satisfying lunch helps to reduce unhealthy snacking attacks


Have you ever experienced the feeling of eating lunch and shortly after feeling the desire for more food? The cake or brownies that your work colleague brought to work from the supermarket might be the right treatment at this time – often time it will not stay at one or two.


Our FELFEL dishes are made with love from wholesome ingredients and help you to stay satisfied for a long period, helping to stay away from unhealthy snacking.


We offer light options as well with significantly higher vegetable content, these dishes serve as a natural vitamin provider as well in addition and support your digestive system. Complex Carbohydrates further support a good digestive system which can translate into more energy during your work days – they also are said to reduce the ‘chocolate hunger attacks’.


Healthy snacks


Deadline coming up? Or a time for self award? A little chocolate or sweet energy drink might solve the problem to get through the afternoon. We all know what happens next.


In a FELFEL fridge you will find many healthy options to stay focused all day long. We recommend nuts (in the right portion of course) or yogurts like our Greek version with lots of protein and little fat or sugar. They provide you with energy and help you to get productive in a sustainable way.



Of course we also offer little chocolates for those who can resist: small, delicious chocolates from a traditional family company from Geneva will help you satisfy that chocolate need, 100% natural.

Pili nuts

Track what you eat


Have you ever felt the need to know what’s in your food while standing in line on the take away stand or ordering your pizza? Or have you looked at the ingredients at the supermarket and don’t understand half of the stuff that’s in your food?


That’s why one of our core principles at FELFEL is to work with local family producers who we know and who produce food from natural, local ingredients. On your online account (MY.FELFEL.CH) you can track the nutrients of every product form the FELFEL at any time. It also allows you to track your daily calorie and nutrient intake – per click, without putting in any data to the system.


Why we offer natural food: we believe that natural ingredients are healthier and have a higher nutrient value than foods that contain chemical ingredients that are typically filled with hidden calories too. In addition, some of those superficial ingredients can create harm to your health.


Lunch for everyone and every diet


Swiss, Asian or American? Vegan, beef or raw? At FELFEL everyone finds delicious food according to his/her dietary preference.


We have over 20 partner chefs that cook for us, offering many different tasts all day long for every employee at any budget.


While there are many different tasts: our food is always natural and without any chemical colorants or taste enhancers. Wholesome foods helps a normal person to get to their nutrients, vitamins and things the body needs.


Local ingredients


You care about a sustainable environment and prefer local ingredients?


We do too! While we offer a wide range of taste in the FELFEL fridge, ingredients are typically local and seasonal to Switzerland.


By choosing local ingredients we are supporting local farmers in the region and can offer more nutritious food (because the food is fresher and travels less).


Cooked with love


If you eat with love you will feel it in your hear 😉 seriously, good food can make you feel more motivated, more connected with your colleagues and family.


All our food is handpicked and cooked by local family producers: our partner chefs share our passion for good food, natural ingredients and local ingredients and cook your lunch with lots of love and details.


The companies that offer FELFEL to their employees also support the local economy and small family businesses – sounds great no?


Eating together supports trust and motivation at work


With the increasing awareness on how food can impact your daily behavior and well being the expansion of good food in offices with FELFEL has increased.


Thanks to FELFEL every company, independent of size can now offer sustainable, healthy lunches at work to its employees.

FELFEL - good food at your office

We have proven that with a FELFEL at the office, employees not just become healthier but also more motivated and sharing a meal together within the team can also significantly reduce stress and build community.


Are you ready to try our food? We would love to invite you to a free tasting at your office or our: book a free tasting for you and up to 10 colleagues using the form above.


Easy to use for employees, hassle-free for companies


How It Works Placeholder Image

Your FELFEL badge is the key that provides you access to a portfolio of over 30 different kind of salads, with a weekly changing menu. It is also what you use to pay with. Simply register a credit card on your online account.


Eat what you want, all day long. Be it a leafy green salad, a mini-salad together with a sandwich or a rich, indulging pasta salads – our food scouts curate a new and balanced menu every single week.


Check our the nutrient profile of your favorite salad at the FELFEL in your MY.FELFEL.CH account. Your account also allows you to track your daily calories and to have a live overview of what’s in your machine.

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