An innovative and healthy catering solution for schools, colleges and universities

Cafeterias and refectories reinvented

Eating healthily during a busy day of learning can be challenging for many students, and not just in recent times when many of them have been learning from home. Many students nowadays have to juggle the demands of their studies with their social lives and part-time jobs, which means they often don't have time to cook something fresh. School, college or university cafeterias? Only open at certain times. Eating out? Too expensive. Vending machines? A quick sugar fix followed by an energy crash. Fast food? Never really fills us up and can make us feel sluggish.

The right food to boost brainpower 

A healthy diet is crucial if we want to have enough energy to fuel our busy minds the whole day long. Variety is one of the most important ingredients in a healthy diet. Ideally, we should eat our 5 a day (2 portions of fruit and 3 portions of vegetables), drink plenty of water, eat as many plant-based and wholegrain products as possible and avoid hidden fats and sugars. Nuts are an example of great brain food. They contain fatty acids which stimulate the brain cells and help improve cognitive performance.

Catering to the environmentally-conscious younger generation

Sustainability and nutrition are very important aspects to consider when providing catering services for schools, colleges and universities. Young people are very well informed about these subjects and demand higher standards when it comes to sustainability, local provenance, recycling and food waste. FELFEL is an innovative alternative or add-on to cafeterias and refectories, offering students and teaching staff fresh and healthy food 24 hours of the day, seven days a week.

The perfect catering concept for schools 

The fact that the FELFEL concept has been rolled out in many schools and universities across Switzerland demonstrates its value and popularity. 

  • Variety guaranteed: over 60 products and new menus every week as well as a wide selection of healthy snacks and drinks.

  • 24/7: accessible around the clock.

  • Food hygiene comes first: individually packaged dishes and contactless payment.

  • Sustainable and ethical: FELFEL supports small family businesses in the region, recycles packaging in Switzerland and donates leftover food to the charity Caritas.

  • Tried and tested: more than 500 companies have already put their faith in FELFEL.

  • Available immediately: order today and FELFEL will be installed in your school by tomorrow.


We could talk about snacks forever - so instead we think you should try them! Order a box here for you and your team:

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