Perfect employee catering for hospitals

Why FELFEL is the perfect catering solution for employees working in shifts

More than ever before, we are reminded of the fundamental importance of a well-oiled health system, both for us as individuals and for society as a whole. And what would this system be without the people who look after our health, such as hospital staff? Over the past year, the pandemic has demanded exceptional commitment, continuous peak performance and a great many extra shifts.


Healthy nutrition = greater performance capacity

It’s an undisputed fact that a balanced and healthy diet is essential to be able to work efficiently over longer periods, even in exceptional situations. But how can hospitals – where employees are on duty 24/7 and night shifts are the norm – guarantee healthy, substantial and affordable food around the clock?


Interview with Karl Suter, gastronomy project manager at the Waid & Triemli municipal hospital in Zurich.

“The refrigerator is ingenious. Genuinely easy to clean. And it’s easy on the eye.”

FELFEL helps the Triemli team work to the very best of their ability.

The ideal addition to the hospital canteen

Of course, many hospitals have their own canteen with a dedicated culinary team. However, the canteens are usually closed at night. FELFEL provides the ideal solution to complement and extend the on-site culinary options, so that night-shift employees in hospitals feel well fed and well looked after.

The simple, cheap and sustainable solution

FELFEL makes healthy employee catering easy around the clock:

  • Fresh, delicious and healthy dishes, drinks and snacks from local small producers – for every taste and preference, whenever your stomach is rumbling.

  • Intuitive and simple to use thanks to the FELFEL app, card and online account. Pay by credit card, TWINT or PostFinance, among others.

  • FELFEL takes care of everything – from installation to maintenance to restocking the fridge. If you have any questions, support is available seven days a week in four languages.

  • FELFEL offers inexpensive meals and numerous free extras.

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