Last update: 25 August 2021

The protection of all customers, partners and employees is a top priority for FELFEL. It is a central concern for us to protect our employees against the effects of a pandemic.

Furthermore, it is important to us to support our over 600 partner companies in their daily business wherever we can: the FELFEL fridge is available 24 hours a day and can support 'social distancing' as a measure. FELFEL has provided an additional service where new fridges can be installed within 24 hours. Please contact us at tasting@felfel.ch.

Since mid-February 2021, FELFEL has set up a task force that meets periodically to discuss measures, carry out appropriate checks and plan scenarios in order to be prepared for the future course of the epidemic.

The task force consists of CFO (Jürg Schläpfer) / Head of the Corona Task Force, CEO (Emanuel Steiner), Co-Founder (Daniela Steiner), GM (Anna Grassler) and Head of Food Safety (Herbert Hartmann).  



  • Close contact:
    Keeping less than 1.5 metres away from an infected person.

  • Droplets:
    If a sick person sneezes or coughs, the viruses can get directly onto the mucous membranes of another person's nose, mouth or eyes.

  • Hands:
    Contagious droplets get onto the hands when coughing and sneezing or touching the mucous membranes. From there, the viruses are transferred to surfaces. Another person can transfer the viruses from there to their hands, and so they get to the mouth, nose or eyes when you touch your face.

The Robert Koch Institute as well as the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Germany consider transmission of the virus via food to be unlikely.




  1. All employees clean and disinfect their hands regularly:
    In the FELFEL offices and logistics rooms, disinfection stations have been set up at all entrances and at regular intervals within the rooms with the obligation to wash and disinfect hands upon entering or re-entering. This also applies in particular to the FELFEL logistics staff who deliver products on a daily basis (including the obligation to wear masks).

  2. Shaking hands is not permitted until further notice.

  3. Employees will be provided with individual disinfection bottles free of charge as well as refills.

  4. Disinfectants are available at all times in all rooms and at a maximum distance of 25 metres (including in all vehicles).


  1. Employees and other visitors keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other:
    Special seating areas have been set up in the company with signs (e.g. in the 'Open Space'). Workplaces are set up in such a way that a distance of 1.5 metres is maintained everywhere. Meeting rooms are also labelled accordingly.

  1. Mandatory masks:
    On all FELFEL premises as well as in our logistic centre, masks are still mandatory as soon as employees cannot maintain the 1.5 metre safety distance (e.g. at meetings). Masks are provided at the relevant entrances together with disinfectant. FELFEL employees (e.g. logisticians, merchants and CPs) are still required to wear masks at customers' premises and during the order picking.

  2. Events on site with customers:
    For events at companies' premises, FELFEL complies with their own strict rules, such as mandatory masks, constant disinfection of hands, etc. Before the event, further measures are discussed with the company on site.

  3. According to the BAG, stricter protective measures apply to participation in events - the approval of the head of the task force is required for planning future events.


  1. Cooking together for a group with over 10 people is only allowed under the strictest safety precautions and under the supervision of a Team Lead who understands and can enforce the safety measures. Otherwise, cooking together for more than one person is not permitted. Food is only allowed in the FELFEL office from the FELFEL fridge (where the food comes from strictly controlled kitchens) or if it is brought into work yourself.



  1. Regular cleaning of surfaces and objects after use as well as intensive cleaning and disinfection by our trained cleaning staff takes place twice a day.

  2. In the evening, staff are asked to remove EVERYTHING from their desks (clean desk) so that the cleaning staff can do a deep cleaning/disinfection of the individual workstations.

  3. In the office, all windows are opened regularly so that the air is continuously exchanged with the outside air.


  1. Sick employees are to be sent home with a hygiene mask and informed to follow the isolation instructions according to the FOPH.

  2. Employees are obliged to report cases of Covid 19 in their surroundings (same household, common meeting in the past 10 days to people@felfel.ch on the same day after becoming aware of it) and to work from home with immediate effect or to discuss measures with the head of task force.

  3. Employees with flu and sickness symptoms must inform people@felfel.ch and work from home if this is possible given the symptoms.


  1. Employees are given regular information and easy access to current rules as well as trainings.

  2. It is ensured that sufficient protective material is available at all times.


  • All suppliers are subject to the Swiss Food Act, which focuses on clean production to protect customers. FELFEL inspects these companies regularly.

  • All suppliers confirm the strict implementation of the BAG measures on the date of this protection concept.

  • Mouth protection and regular disinfection are compulsory:
    In particular, it has been ensured that all producers of fresh foods work with mouth protection and regularly disinfect their hands, and that employees with symptoms do not appear at work.

For further questions, please contact FELFEL Schutzmassnahmen: healthsafety@felfel.ch.
Responsible person: Jürg Schläpfer

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