A christmas gift that all employees can enjoy

Invite your Team

Christmas is around the corner and you have no gift for your team. We got you covered, with the perfect solution: a FELFEL

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Book one of our*Limited Edition* Holidays Lunch until December 21. We invite you and up to 10 colleagues, directly at your office. Free and no obligations, promise! We take care of everything, you can just enjoy.

If your schedule is already full in December, you can book a tasting in January. We will give it a new year twist but the pleasure will be the same.

PS: We are happy to wrap the FELFEL as a gift for you ????

Why is FELFEL the best gift for employees





With FELFEL, you provide fresh and healthy food to your employees.

Intern to CEO, everyone can afford good food with FELFEL.

FELFEL brings people together for lunch, improving your team spirit and motivation.

We support local family businesses and are a family business ourselves.

Good Food 24/7

Happier Employees

New. Every week.

FELFEL is available 24/24, adapting to the most varied work schedules.

Good food makes people happier and more efficient.

Only the best Chefs cook for FELFEL, and the menu changes every week.