How to increase employees satisfaction in Switzerland? With food for the body and soul.

Happy employees

This is what any manager wants. Especially knowing that job satisfaction leads to an increased productivity.


FELFEL has developed a simple and practical approach to improve employee motivation through healthy and delicious food in the workplace. According to studies by the International Labor Organization, productivity can be increased by 20% with happy employees. The surveys among existing FELFEL customers confirms it. More than 50% of surveyed eaters say they feel happier and more motivated with a FELFEL fridge at work.

FELFEL strengthen the sense of belonging


With a FELFEL fridge in the office, you create an environment where meals can be taken together at a very reasonable price. The FELFEL fridge itself becomes a place where employees meet for a break, lunch or a meeting. Ideally, it is placed in a central location with a few tables, chairs and a nice luminosity. According to our investigations, it has been shown that companies that offer a place for meals in common can dramatically increase employee satisfaction.


FELFEL makes employees happy because everyone finds something to their taste


In the FELFEL fridge there is something for all tastes and all preferences 24h / 24: Asian, Swiss or rather Mediterranean? Gluten free, lactose-free? No problem! Moreover, the full menu changes weekly, so you and your employees can eat something different for lunch every day of the year.


High quality food and cheaper than at a restaurant or at the takeaway


At FELFEL, only selected Swiss partners and cooks prepare our meals. They are selected by our Food Scouts and prepare fresh meals for you and your business every day. Breakfast is available from 6.50 CHF and the most expensive meal costs 12 francs. So everyone, from the intern to the CEO, everyone can afford a balanced, natural and fresh diet. Moreover, if the employees are satisfied with their natural and fresh meal, they are healthier and have more energy.


FELFEL goes even further


We are on a mission to free employees from mediocre food at work because we firmly believe that good food makes people happier in the long run. Beyond food, we want to go further, which means that we do not provide only food, but an “experience” for our customers. So do not be surprised if suddenly, on a hot summer day, an ice cream cart and member of the FELFEL team invite themselves in your office to distribute free ice cream to your employees. That’s also FELFEL. Pleasure at work and the pleasure to serve you!


Don’t wait any longer: Book a free tasting lunch now using the form above and discover FELFEL and its healthy and fresh food.




How It Works Placeholder Image

With your FELFEL badge, you can open the intelligent fridge and purchase your meals. Simply register a credit card on your account MY.FELFEL.CH and get started.



Eat what fits your individual diet program: all the ingredients and calories of FELFEL products can be viewed in your online account.



The weekly menu and information such as the nutritional values of each meal can be easily found on your MY.FELFEL.CH account. You can also view real-time what is available in the FELFEL of your office and keep track of your calories consumption, as well as customize your individual weight loss program.