The smallest and most affordable canteen in Switzerland for every office

Over two-thirds of all meals are consumed during working hours these days and this number is expected to increase. Offering healthy food is not just a necessity but helps to create a happier and more productive work environment. Often it’s one of the easiest and fair perceived measures for management to install.


The issue until now has been that a traditional canteen is expensive and requires a significant investment to start with. Innovation has been small in the past years, accompanied by a continuous decline in acceptance by more sensitive employees who look for fresh, healthy options during their working hours. Typically canteens will try to compensate either in reducing costs for their ingredients or increase price to keep things up.


FELFEL has come up with a different model that is affordable also for small budgets and offers food for anyone in the company

How does FELFEL do it?


A Mini-Canteen that fits into every space:


FELFEL is like a mini workplace canteen. It fits literally everywhere, even on a trading floor. The only thing needed are about 1.5×1.5 square meters and a plug to electricity, voilà! FELFEL takes care of the rest.


What else will you get with the Mini Canteen FELFEL at your work?


Healthy and delicious food

The trend towards healthy eating has also reached Switzerland and does not stop at office doors. FELFEL offers a wholesome menu with options for everyone, including allergic people, covering a broad range of tastes. The canteen menu changes every week –making sure employees can enjoy a broad variety of ingredients and nutrients. Transparency is important and therefore we offer Eaters to track their nutrients if they like in their online account.

Symmetric Table with food in middle

The most affordable canteen


At FELFEL employees can eat breakfast starting CHF 1.50 and eat lunch between CHF 7.00 and maximum CHF 12.00. A very affordable price. Our mission is to reach everyone from intern to CEO.


At the same time FELFEL offer’s the most affordable option for a company to offer healthy, wholesome food every day at zero effort. The company pays a small monthly service fee and in return they get a 100% carefree service of which already 160 companies benefit in Switzerland. You can book your free tasting now to learn more about your option – get in touch!


Support the local economy and buy local food


FELFEL is a local Swiss family business and those are values that we stand for. All our fresh producers are typically family owned businesses in Switzerland and source local ingredients. All our meat is always from Switzerland, no exception. We believe with this we can make a tiny step towards a better planet and food is fresher if its sourced locally and contains more nutrients so it also tastes better.

Slow Fast food offering

Fresh food from the FELFEL instead of the canteen

Time for lunch is typically very limited in Switzerland during working hours – typically one hour. The FELFEL workplace canteen guarantees ‘no standing in line’ so employees can use their lunch breaks efficiently to relax and recharge their batteries: within seconds employees can choose their homemade Spätzle or other favorite product and checkout cashless. While we recommend offering a space for employees to eat together, food can also been eaten somewhere else or outside to take full advantage of that break time.

Friendly and something for the hear


The FELFEL offering goes beyond just ‘food’ – we care deeply about our customers and take any chance to improve our offering and increase the value for employees and employer who offers FELFEL. Offices with FELFEL have reported to have significantly more productive employees and a happier working environment. It’s also a way to say ‘Thank you to your employees’ in some cases – food makes people happy and the FELFEL team loves to make this a very pleasant experience for you and your team.

Book a free tasting now!


Easy to use for employees, hassle-free for companies


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Your FELFEL badge is the key to the workplace canteen that unlocks our intelligent fridges. It is also what you use to pay with. Simply register a credit card on your MY.FELFEL.CH account.


Eat what you want, all day long. Be it a healthy, cold-pressed juice or our hearty Irish beef stew – our food scouts curate a new and balanced menu every single week.


Our current menu and helpful information such as nutritional values can be easily found on the canteen menu MY.FELFEL.CH account. Your account also allows you to track your daily calories and to have a live overview of what’s in your FELFEL.

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