Canteen food 2.0: an intelligent fridge makes it possible!

The average time for office lunch in Switzerland is one hour. No surprise that in Switzerland approximately ¼ of all foods consumed during a typical week are consumed in a company canteen


Where do people eat with no canteen offering?


While in cities employees often benefit from a modern wave of healthy take-aways and wholesome options, the lunch options in more industrial or rural areas are still very limited. And the few that might be a bit more on the healthy side become boring very fast. Driving somewhere or prepare lunch at home, are the often the only suitable options.


In cities, employees typically have a few more lunch choices but the challenge is also present there: you find yourself going to the same overcrowded places over and over again. And with no place to sit, lunch is not a relaxing experience at all. In addition, the food choices outside your office are typically expensive and not everyone can afford to eat out at a restaurant every day.


What’s the matter with the existing company canteens?


Not every company can afford a canteen like the one from Google – that said, there are a few excellent offerings by companies in Switzerland and hopefully, more will follow.


The average canteen is a very expensive offering for a company and has a pretty negative image with employees: unhealthy, expensive and not tasty are just a few of the attributes that people think of when letting them know they have to eat in a canteen.


But there is a new way of offering food to your employees: The cheapest way possible to serve fresh, healthy and delicious food for your company. 

FELFEL revolutionizes canteen lunch in Switzerland since 2016 by developing an intelligent fridge!


A canteen for every size:


FELFEL works like a mini-canteen to offer every office good food. Even offices that are small in size or have no space for a canteen have now an option to provide food to their employees. We stock daily, and food is available 24 hours a day.


The food offering is typically broader than in a canteen: at FELFEL over 10 chefs cook for you daily. Lunch, Dessert, snacks and beverages are available. Dishes are seasonal and cover the most common diets of employees in Switzerland, sometimes with a twist.


At FELFEL we reach a lot of people because of the weekly changing menu and the broad range of foods available for every taste and every budget: vegan, meat, Asian, Swiss etc.


Self-service with full service

FELFEL is a full service with no service people on the ground. We want to make life easy for you. Therefore the only thing you need to provide is a plug for electricity.

Everything else is taken care of. No administrative hassles, no kitchen cleaning or collecting money from employees. We do it all and love to serve your employees.

FELFEL revolitionizes how employees eat canteen lunch

It’s often difficult to get the full picture of what you eat in a traditional canteen. At FELFEL you have full transparency on your food. Not just do we know every chef personally, you can also read up on the story in our portal. All products are clearly labeled when it comes to ingredients. And if you like you can track your nutrients on MY.FELFEL.CH.


And the best? All the food is natural, we never use chemical colorants or taste enhancers. All our meat that we offer is always Swiss.


Love for details

Fresh food from the FELFEL instead of the canteen

The recipes are developed by our FELFEL Food Scouts: a team of chefs and passionate cooks make sure only ‘really’ tasty food makes it to the FELFEL.  Our inspirations are cuisines from around the world and in many cases, we listen directly to our Eaters. Experimental, traditional, colorful – we love to try out new things in our test kitchen at the FELFEL HQ.

No rush hour – available 24h a day


There is typically no wait in front of the fridge. Our mathematicians make sure the FELFEL at your company is always stocked with the most delicious recipes of the week. The FELFELIANS are available for you 24h a day. Give us a call or write us an E-Mail – we love to hear from you.


Are you curious?


Book your tasting now – the only thing you need to do? Invite up to 10 people, ideally the decision maker and some critical eaters. Reserve a meeting room for us, the rest we take care of.


Easy to use for employees, hassle-free for companies.


How It Works Placeholder Image

Your FELFEL badge is the key that unlocks our intelligent fridges. It is also what you use to pay with. Simply register a credit card on your MyFELFEL account.


Eat what you want, all day long. Be it a healthy, cold-pressed juice or our hearty Irish beef stew – our food scouts curate a new and balanced menu every single week.


Our current menu and helpful information such as nutritional values can be easily found on your MyFELFEL account. Your account also allows you to track your daily calories.

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