The most popular solution

for good food at work

The most popular solution for lunch at work

Over 400 CEOs offer good food
at work to their employees through FELFEL.

Experience FELFEL live

Try FELFEL food, book a tasting
Anna, Co-General Manager

“At FELFEL, all good things start with good food. Invite your team, we’ll set the table!”

At the free tasting, you’ll experience the weekly menu the same way our customers do in their company. Invite up to 10 employees and we’ll come by to serve you a FELFEL lunch.

Whether Geneva, Zurich or Arosa – our team is based all over Switzerland and will happily visit your company.

What to expect from the free tasting

Frisches Essen aus dem FELFEL anstatt aus der Mitarbeiterkantine


Invite 10 of your colleagues – including your HR lead as well as your toughest food critic.


Meet the FELFEL Team

It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know the local FELFEL team in your region.

From Geneva to Zürich: more than 400 companies make their employees happy with a FELFEL

Try it for free

The tasting is free of charge for companies above 25 employees.