Life is too short for mediocre food - your work life is no exception.

Our FELFEL food scouts never rest.

We curate a new, inspiring and tempting menu every single week.

“Authentic chicken dish from Sicily with black Riso Venere and vegetables.”

Ricetta Pollo alla siciliana

“Homemade Pasta with goat cheese, basil, peas and herbs.”

Greens, Herbs & Pasta

“Walnut and veggie balls over raw green and yellow zucchini spiralized into noodles, served with a sundried tomato sauce.”

Zucchini Noodles with no-meat balls

“Juicy chicken marinated in an Asian-style crunchy peanut coconut sauce over noodles.”

Satay Chicken Noodles

“Soba noodles with edamame, dizzled with sesame seeds and seaweed.”

Japanese Soba

“Nutty pearl barley topped with smoked chicken breast, sweet pickled onions, feta cheese and cilantro.”

Chicken Barley Salad

“Low carb lentil pot with carrots from the oven, feta and herbs.”

Clean&Lean: Lentils with oven carrots

“Salad from the garden: fresh lettuce, carrots with red cabbage and green zucchini.”


“Fresh Pot with Kale, Sweet potatoes, Almonds, Goji-berries with Mango dressing.”

Fit Pot: Healthy Sweetpotato

“Homemade Bagel with Swiss Chicken.”

Körnli Chicken Bagel

“Raw, not-pasteurized coconut water, all natural.”

HEYLIFE Coconut Water

We believe in providing a wholesome selection. Our dishes are crafted by the best chefs Switzerland has to offer. They cook with passion and an outstanding attention to detail.

Paul & Lulu, Zürich

Giovanni, Schaffhausen 

Sennerei Splügen, Graubünden

Mikas, Zürich

Natural Delicious, Schwyz

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  • We love good food - fresh and natural is what we believe in.


  • Passionate chefs enchant us.

  • Dishes with a story fascinate us every day.

  • Our chefs craft food using seasonal ingredients.

  • We actively support carefully selected local businesses.

  • Acting sustainably is a cause we stand for.

  • We never rest when it comes to reducing food waste.


Are you hungry?

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