Why your company needs a FELFEL?

Happy and healthy employees

Acting sustainably

Easy and affordable

A delicious free lunch at your work? With pleasure.

We will be visiting you at your work to serve you and your team a delicious free lunch. Invite your HR lead as well as your toughest food critic.

Over 100 companies are already offering their employees good food at work. In Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Why your company needs a FELFEL?

Happy, healthy employees

Good food makes you happier - and happier employees are better employees. Your health matters to us, so our chefs prepare ultra fresh meals from natural ingredients. The menu changes every week.

A sustainable long term investment

Our dishes are made by human chefs not machines. Our food partners are all family owned companies. Our innovative data technology allows us to track purchases and make very precise stocking decisions so we can keep food waste very low.

Easy and affordable

Everyone can use the FELFEL from the first day. All we need is ... an power outlet. The prices for the food are cheaper or same as with a traditional cantine.

“The lunch tasting was such a refreshing, convincing experience that Joe (our CEO) wanted to introduce the concept within two weeks - now everyone at our company can not imagine life without a FELFEL!”
“The market environment in our industry is not easy at this time, but we decided to get a FELFEL nevertheless as it helps us to give something back to our employees for the hard work they are doing every day. Everyone here loves the concept.”
“We have looked for a healthy food solution for our office for a while and just could not find something that filled all our needs until we found FELFEL. The concept is so simple, but with so many details and the best, the only thing you need is a power plug. Anything else is taken care of by FELFEL.”

Some more questions you might like to have answered:

How much does FELFEL food cost?

Intern and CEO are bound to cross paths at the FELFEL (this is what we call our intelligent fridges). The prices of our fresh and natural products range from CHF 1.50 and CHF 12.00. Your company pays a monthly service fee. Apart from that, all the FELFEL needs is a power socket.

How much do you charge for the tastings?

Nothing. It is our pleasure to treat you and a selection of your colleagues to a delicious lunch. We would love to introduce you to FELFEL. Simply call us at +41 43 544 28 69 and tell us which dates suit you best. Or go ahead and book your free tasting right away.

How about the price of setting up a FELFEL at our workplace?

That is also on us – there is no additional charge.

Hmmm, sounds great! How do we get a FELFEL then?

Feel free to call us at +41 43 544 28 69 or send us an email at tasting@felfel.ch. We are more than happy to set up a free tasting and discuss the details with you.

How does setting up a FELFEL work?

We deliver the FELFEL to your office and install it in a suitable spot - usually in your cafeteria or coffee corner. On the day of the launch, we offer a large free tasting to all of your employees. This is when we hand out personalized FELFEL badges to all of your colleagues and explain to them how it works. Again, this is on us.

My office is hidden away in a small village up in the mountains – do we have to live without FELFEL?

Luckily, no. FELFEL and our good food is available everywhere in Switzerland as well as Lichtenstein.

How often is the FELFEL being restocked with fresh deliciousness?

Our FELFEL drivers will be visiting you four or five mornings per week to restock the FELFEL with sparkly new yumminess.

And how often does the menu change?

The entire menu changes weekly. Certain FELFEL favourites return every few months. Classics, breakfast snacks and drinks are offered a tad longer.

I eat fairly little, my boss is a big eater – what is the size of your portions?

Be it small, healthy snacks or large, wholesome dishes; almost anything can be found in the FELFEL.

Am I able to influence the weekly menu?

Yes, you can. We are always happy to get your feedback. Many of our dishes are inspired by customer ideas.

How about pre-ordering?

Fortunately, pre-orders are not necessary. The FELFEL is generously filled with good food.

How do I get hold of the current menu?

You can find this week’s menu on your MY.FELFEL.CH account - but first you have to get a FELFEL in your office!

What the company needs to do to offer a FELFEL?

The FELFEL concept is a complete food service offering. The company has to do nothing, besides providing the power to the FELFEL fridge. There are different pricing models (monthly service charge) to offer FELFEL to your employees. Give us a call or book a free tasting so we can tell you more!

Do you have more questions? Give us a call, we look forward to talking to you: 043 544 28 69


Are you hungry?

Hello, my name is Anna! My team and I are excited you made it here and are ready to answer any questions you might have. Also, if you are working at a company with over 50 employees, we would love to invite you for a test lunch at your office or ours. Please reach out to us via phone: 043 544 28 69 or contact us via tasting@felfel.ch. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Anna